Lydia Pettis resigned from her position as City Manager for Portsmouth, VA

September 16, 2020: Lydia Pettis Patton has resigned from her post as City Manager for Portsmouth, VA. Ms. Pettis Patton, the first woman to serve in the position, has held numerous positions with Portsmouth since beginning her local government career in 1986, including Leisure Services Director, Deputy City Manager, and Parks and Recreation Director. She earned a BASc in Health, Physical Education and Recreation from Kentucky State University, an MA in Counselor Education from the University of Louisville, and a PhD in Instruction and Curriculum from Virginia Commonwealth University. Ms. Pettis Patton came under criticism by the white members of the Portsmouth City Council after temporarily removing Police Chief Angela Greene from her post amid controversy over criminal charges filed in the vandalism of a Confederate monument. Deputy City Manager LaVoris Pace has replaced her on an interim basis.


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