About Us

Carroll Publishing believes that open government means better government. Our iconic Statue of Liberty theme represents the freedom of government that we hope our products encourage.
During its 45 year span Carroll Publishing has earned a quality reputation for the timeliness, accuracy and presentation of government directors, managers, consultants and other significant officials. A high renewal rate is but one measure of such quality.
Carroll Publishing editors are custom trained and all have college degrees. They have worked in their positions an average of 13 years. They are highly respected by clients and by their government sources.
Carroll Publishing, guided by its clients, has developed user-friendly product innovations such as: Where Am I? dynamic organization charts, GovSense and other features (see product content descriptors for details).
Additionally, by linking multiple sources Carroll Publishing has been able to present features for persons, offices, contracts, and vendors in ways that are available in no other single place.
Innovating with user needs and inputs at the forefront is an ongoing corporate goal.