About Us

GovSearch continues the more than 45-year legacy of Carroll Publishing's products offering contact information and organizational charts for governments and top federal vendors.
Our data includes government directors, managers, consultants, policy-makers, decision-makers and other significant officials at all levels of government and top vendors. We engage with agencies and departments to maintain the currency of our data. GovSearch editors are custom trained and are highly respected by clients and by their government sources.
GovSearch, guided by its clients, has developed user-friendly product innovations such as: Where Am I?, Real-time organization charts, GovSense and other features to meet the needs of its customers. By linking multiple sources, GovSearch has been able to present features for persons, offices, contracts, and vendors in ways that are available in no other single application.
Our Logo

Carroll Publishing has been represented by a life-like representation of lady liberty. Our new representation of GovSearch will be focused on the search for and finding of contacts and their location in the world, hence, the Squirrel searching for a nut.

Our iconic squirrel theme represents the never-ending search for government contact information we hope our products simplify. GovSearch expedites the process of knowing who to talk to and where to reach them.