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Federal contracts may be searched by fiscal year, category (over 2,300 choices), funding office, place of performance, NAICS codes, keyword or vendor.
Contract results, whether specific or annual, include parent-child relationships of vendors, annual expenditures, and contract transactions thereof.
Searches can be narrowed to include small business, woman or veteran owned, as well as others.
Current fiscal year budgets and employment counts are shown for individual departments and agencies, plus offices where available.
State, Municipal and County units show Federal US Census expenditures and employment in over 45 categories for each. Government employment numbers are current, expenditures less so.
Federal IT Portfolios and IT Business Cases are presented for over 8,000 department and agency programs and are uniquely searchable. These projections focus on new capabilities, plus current operations and maintenance.
Department of Defense research summaries (RDDS) describe military activities and are searchable by title, program element number, project and mission.