This web-based product gives you:

  • Contact information for top decision makers including those who run DC-area offices as well as those in regional offices.
  • Search and download lists of government contact information that include: title, plum position or rank, name, office, room number, address, phone number, fax number, and email address
  • Contact features include: Send an email, Map the address with Google Maps, Skype direct dial, add the contact as a vCard to your address book.
  • Organization charts for federal and defense in real-time dynamic or pre-published .pdf format.
  • Organization charts in real-time dynamic format for State, Municipal and County governments.
  • Key staff listing for Federal agencies, Congress and more.
  • Job functions include: policy-makers, human resources, information technology, emergency and disaster response, procurement, program managers, purchasing, CIOs, legislative liaisons and schedulers and more.
  • Access to our Other Facilities database. Search among tax-supported facilities across the US.

Two types of Organization Charts show you a complete picture of a government department and agency.

  • Every office in our database is linked to our Real-Time chart function to build a customized, multi-level organization chart. Select from multiple views and print.

  • Select from our pre-published PDF charts that are updated quarterly.

Looking for more decision makers in more government arenas?  Level-up with Suite

  • FedSearchSuite also delivers information on top Federal Vendors contacts.