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Offices are searchable six ways (including abbreviations) to a potential depth of 12 levels. Included are personnel within each office.
Traditional pre-published tree-shaped organization charts for over 900 Federal department, agency and vendor units are presented. They can be easily downloaded.
Dynamic overnight charts are presented for all offices and personnel at all levels and units of government. They are color-coded to position offices within a complex hierarchy, and are downloadable.
GovSense allows a user to search one or multiple titles of the users’ choice that represent a common function in four subject areas.


Where Am I? positions an office within the hierarchy of a governmental structure adjacent to each person or office search result.
An office info symbol Office Info icon takes the user to many activities of that office including contracts, employment, expenditures, fiscal year spending and other data.
Military facilities are presented by service, branch, geographic location. Joint base commands and parent organizations are shown and linked.
Government supported facilities are included for over 338,000 organizations that rely on government financial support but are not government entities, searchable by 34 categories, keyword or geographically. Phone and address are provided for each organization.