Why Us

Now going by the name GovSearch LLC, Carroll Publishing, for more than 45 years, more than any other source, has helped, and continues to help, vendors, consultants, academics, services and other professionals of all sizes and industries reach their maximum sales levels and relationships in the government sector. No single business sector dominates our clientele.
Our experience is now readily and easily available to you. We provide you the most accurate and up-to-date contact information for decision makers at all levels of government (Federal, State, Municipal and County).
We help you run searches for personnel in multiple ways, functional, geographically, by level, etc. Broad searches develop new leads. Carroll Publishing clients learn the plans, spending and other activities of the government.
GovSearch organization charts, pre-published and dynamic, allow users to learn government organization and its structure to achieve organizational objectives.
GovSearch also shows you how an office fits in the government or corporate structure using the Where Am I? feature showing every office and person search result within their hierarchy.
We provide a single site, updated daily, without which users would otherwise need to search interminably on multiple sites for comparable content. We link persons, offices, contracts, and vendors in multiple ways (our specialty).
Our clients know there exists no better source to assist them in procuring government business. Please examine our products and see for yourself the many ways we assist you in the market place of governments at all levels.
Yes, we do it better! We help you like no other. The choice is yours and it is simple. Sign up for a free trial today and increase your sales.

Our Content

GovSearch created an internet product series around the aptly named GovSearch and FedSearch. It allows the user to easily search for the key government data they need. GovSearch is organized in five topic areas.

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