Boeing invests in Denver-based BridgeSat Inc.

Sept. 12, 2018: Boeing officials have invested in BridgeSat Inc., a Denver-based company that works on a network of optical ground stations that are capable of high-speed, secure communications with spacecraft. Boeing officials have not disclosed the size of Boeing’s investment in BridgeSat. BridgeSat’s Earth-based stations enable secure transmission between satellites, other space vehicles and high-altitude aircraft. “BridgeSat is developing a global network of optical ground stations (OGS) to transmit large amounts of data into space quickly and reliably,” according to a Boeing press release from Monday, Sept. 10, 2018. “Its stations support low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary (GEO) satellite optical communications, enabling secure transmissions between satellites, other spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and high-altitude aircrafts… BridgeSat was formed in 2015 to address cost, bandwidth and infrastructure limitations in space-based optical communications. The company recently announced an industry-first agreement with NASA to develop a commercialized free-space optical communication system that could support the agency's future missions… Boeing HorizonX Ventures led BridgeSat's Series B funding round, with participation by Allied Minds. The investment and relationship with Boeing connects BridgeSat with Boeing experts, testing labs and other valuable resources to accelerate the deployment of its OGS services around the world.” Boeing is based in Chicago.

Attribution: Boeing

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