Kathleen Baxter appointed Alabama State Comptroller

August 10, 2017: Kathleen D. Baxter has been appointed as the Alabama State Comptroller, becoming the first woman to hold that position in state government history. Baxter was most recently the Deputy State Comptroller, a post she held from January to June, 2017. The State Comptroller is the chief accountant in state government and is responsible for maintaining fiscal accounts, ordering payments into and out of state funds, and preparing state financial reports. Baxter has worked at the Alabama State Comptroller’s Office for twenty-four years, and she has worked for the state government for twenty-seven years. She started her state career at the State Military Department in 1990 as an accountant. In 1993, she transferred to the Finance Department to continue the upgrade and support of the then new Financial Resource Management System. After the completion of that project, she continued with the State Comptroller’s Office, where she worked in several posts, including being actively involved in upgrades to the state’s financial management systems. Baxter has also worked as an accounting instructor at Auburn University Montgomery. Baxter received her MBA from Auburn University Montgomery, and her PhD in public administration and public policy from Auburn University.

Attribution: Alabama Governor's Office

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