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Covering exclusively Federal prime contractors.

Detailed profiles for Federal prime contractors are now available via GovBizSearch.Access the most current and comprehensive database of vendors doing business with the Federal government

This web-based product gives you

    Contact information for top-level executives for top federal government vendors in varying positions within each company, additional units and subsidiaries.

    • Contact listing includes: name, title, company, address, phone number, fax number, email address and company URL
    • Contact features include: Send an email, Map the address with Google Maps, Skype direct dial, add the contact as a vCard to your address book.
    • Some job functions include: C-level management, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, IT, Legal, R&D and more.
    • Organization Charts for the Top Vendors that illustrate the inner structure and hierarchy of each business or other type of organization in our database. Viewing the organizational structure of these vendors provides a glimpse in how they communicate among key management personnel.
    Two types of charts included in the subscription are:

    • Real-Time   Every company in our database is linked to our Real-Time chart function to build a customized, multi-level organization chart. Select from multiple structure formats and print.

    • PDF   Select from pre-published PDF charts for Top Vendors that are updated quarterly.

    • 2700 Categories of Products and Services purchased by the Federal government.

    •   · Drill down by department, product and service or vendor
        · Select from multiple fiscal years
        · Search by product and service or vendor name or funding office
        · View award, funding, place of performance and other details
           for any single transaction
        · 223,000 additional vendors many with multiple contacts
    Some Features at a Glance:

    • QuickSearch function allows you to run an instant search of the entire database by a person's name, title, or company name.
    • GovSense, one of our Specialty Search functions, allows you to search for a position using multiple keyword terms to get a larger listing of all positions within a specific theme.
    • Example: Using our "Position Search" function, searching for a list of "IT" positions for all vendors can also include other related keywords such as: info, telecom, cyber, integration, digital...and so on.
    • UNLIMITED list creation and downloads are a part of every subscription.
    • Save your Search – save your searches to maintain your set criteria for quick future reference.
    • Any updates we make to listings will automatically update, so you won’t have to redo your search.