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Accuracy is our standard.

Carroll Publishing verifies contact information so you can focus on reaching decision makers and building relationships to create your business opportunities.

This web-based product gives you

Contact information for over 66,000 top decision makers, in over 77,000 positions, including those who run DC-area offices as well as those in regional offices.

  • Search and download lists of government contact information that include: title, plum position or rank, name, office, room number, address, phone number, fax number, and email address
  • Contact features include: Send an email, Map the address with Google Maps, Skype direct dial, add the contact as a vCard to your address book.
  • Organization charts for federal and defense in real-time dynamic or pre-published .pdf format.
  • Organization charts in real-time dynamic format for State, Municipal and County governments.
  • Federal procurement contract and spending data.
  • Key staff listing for Federal agencies, Congress and more.
  • Job functions include: policy-makers, human resources, information technology, emergency and disaster response, procurement, program managers, purchasing, CIOs, legislative liaisons and schedulers and more.
Two types of Organization Charts that show you a complete picture of a government department and agency.

  • Real-Time

  • Every office in our database is linked to our Real-Time chart function to build a customized, multi-level organization chart. Select from multiple views and print.
  • PDF

  • Select from over 690 of our pre-published PDF charts that are updated quarterly.

Wait there's more.

Level-up withSuite

Looking for more decision makers in more government arenas?

FedSearchSuite also delivers information on over 223,000 Federal Prime Contractor contacts.

Over 2,700 categories of Products and Services purchased by the Federal government.

  • Drill down by department, product and service or vendor.
  • Select from multiple fiscal years Keyword search by product and service or by vendor name.
  • Search by product and service or by vendor name.
  • View Award, Funding, Place of Performance and other details for any single transaction.
  • Transactions are linked to Funding Offices in our files NOT Contract Office.
Access to our Other Facilities database. Search among more than 340,000 tax-supported facilities by any state across the US, including US Territories.
View listing of facilities

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